Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Cyrus!

 Despite how hard we try to keep them small, they continue to grow and our big boy turned 5 on October 13th!!! (Wow, I am SO behind on blogging!!!)
We had an AWESOME birthday at Ben and Ari's with PuttPutt golf, Monicals Pizza, Family and Friends!
 Gracie, Cy, and Colin (Cousins)
momma and the HAPPY birthday boy! 

 The AWESOME Cake!
 The Birthday boy and all of his arcade tickets
 Pro Golfer?
 The littles (Nolan and Kinley) Getting in on the putt putt FUN!
Cy and his good buddy Quinn! :) LOVE these little boys!

We are so thankful for an amazing 5 years with one BUSY, WILD, CRAZY, SMART, FUN,  HILARIOUS, CUTE little boy and we are beyond blessed to have him in our lives.  He pushes us to our limits and shows us what life is all about on a daily basis! :) We love you Cyrus, more than life itself and thank our good Lord each day for your beautiful life! Love, Mommy, Daddy & Nolan

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Corolla, North Carolina

 After Roanoke we headed to the Outer Banks for vacation.  We had a BLAST! We met mamaw (my mom) and Ron, and Auntie BT and Uncle Zac! David and I always talk about how much we LOVE the OBX and decided that we wanted my side of the family to see what the hype is all about.  Brittany/Zac and David and I planned the entire vacation and surprised mom for her birthday gift! We rented a house which was a 60 second walk from the beach!  We went to the beach every day, sometimes more than once and also enjoyed a lot of time at the pool and hot tub at our house. We did a lot of relaxing, playing, shopping, site seeing and just being together.  It was a WONDERFUL vacation and we all hated when it was time to pack up and come home! A funny memory I will share was a "conversation" between Nolan and David that went like this:  David had been playing out in the ocean for quite a while and when he came back in Nolan looked at him and said, "Fun, Daddy?" 

 He had a blast playing in the sand!
 Cy and Mamaw made this cool octopus!
 The boys wanted to bury me in the sand....
 and then wanted to be burried!

Nolan got very brave in the pool as the week progressed.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, he is not much for the water, but toward the end of the week he was all over the pool! :)

We decided that since it had been YEARS since our last vacation with my family that we would hire a photographer to come and take some family photos.  She did a PHENOMENAL are a few to check out! 

We had a great vacation and we praise the Lord for the good times, beautiful weather, and priceless memories that were made! We are so blessed with such a wonderful family!

Roanoke 2012

 The Cole, Briscoe and Kurrle families
I didn't take a lot of pictures from our annual Softball tournament, but above are a few that I did take.  This year things went a little differently because of the weather, but all in all, it was still a GREAT tournament! Westlake had 3 teams this year and our Red team won their bracket. It was a lot of fun watching each team play and winning or losing is no matter!!! We all love the true meaning of the whole tournament...Raising money for our mission in Paraguay, South America. Our speaker this year was AMAZING (Marcos Kurrle, one of our missionary families and also one of my favorites in the 8 years I have attended!) and the tournament raised over $20 K to help church, schools, a radio station, and many other causes in Paraguay.  As always we had a great time with our church family and love the memories we make each year! God is so good!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

See you, SOON!

Aunt Abbie is heading to Rome to study abroad (for Anderson University) for the next few months! Yesterday we gathered at Grandma and Grandpa's house with wonderful family to celebrate Abbie and her once in a lifetime trip! We LOVE you, Aunt Abbie and are so excited for you and this incredible journey you are taking!  We will be praying for you often and cannot wait to hear all about your trip! Love you! XOXOXO

Summer FUN!

Friday evening we met up with G-mom and G-dad Toombs and had dinner and went to watch an Indians game! The weather was PERFECT, the seats were great, and we had a WONDERFUL time!
Nolan and G-dad, watching the fireworks! 
 Awesome fireworks show!!!!!
Thanks G-mom and G-dad for a GREAT night! We had a blast!!!


First day of school!

Well, it finally happened...the day that I thought would not come...Our big boy is officially in PRESCHOOL! We went to bed a little early Monday night and read a book (Thanks G-mom and G-dad) called The First Day of Preschool, talked about what school would be like, read a few extra devotionals and prayed alot about his first day of school.  I was a little worried Tuesday morning but Cy was in great spirits while eating breakfast, getting dressed and on the drive to school he sang, "I get to go to preeeeeschoooolll!"  We walked into the building and Cy said, "Bye!" and walked down the hallway to meet up with his teacher, Ms. Cora. I picked him up 3 1/2 hours later and his first words were, "Mom! I LOVE SCHOOL!!!"   It was WONDERFUL, and although my heart swelled up with pride, there were no tears to shed.  My boy was ready to go to school and we couldn't have chosen a better place for him! He will be attending school Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's!
We are thrilled to see what he will learn and experience this school year! 
 First day of Preschool Favorites: (4 years old)
Food: Pancakes
Sport: Baseball (in case you didn't know!)
Color: Pink (haha!)
Toy: Transformer costume
Movie: Power Rangers
Song: Our God

 Proud of his Cubs backpack!
 Proud Mom!
Proud Dad!

Lake Cumberland Vacation!

 Uncle Justin came home from Japan for a short break, so G-mom and G-Dad Toombs, Tracy (Justin's girlfriend) Jamie and the girls, David and the Boys and I all decided to go on a mini vacation and head to the lake! Although we had some minor problems (boats breaking down, jet ski's breaking down, and a stinky cabin) we had a great time! God couldn't have given us more beautiful weather and the sights were stunning!)  Thanks for a great vacation!
 We have decided Nolan is more of a land-lover.  He did not like his life-jacket, therefore he did not like the boat, the water, or anything else for that matter! ha!
 Cy and Kate on the other hand, were little fish! :)

 I'm pretty sure Kinley is part mermaid! When she got in the water she just swam and giggled! It was too cute! :)
 Captain Nolan and G-dad
Daddy and the boys watching cartoons before heading out on the lake! :)
(In the pic, Nolan was hugging Cy and saying, "HI Bub! Hi Bubby! Hug Bubby!" over and over again! It was so sweet.  He is crazy about his big bub!"